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What Sets Us Apart

“Clearly” the right choice!

We are changing the rules and putting patients first.  We now offer:

  • Free Upgrades to Clear Aligners — Our Clear Aligners are the ONLY Clear Aligner's being 100% treatment planned by an actual United States, Board Certified Orthodontist AND 100% Made In The USA!

We do not charge more for Clear Aligners! We are the only practice in South Florida to offer a free upgrade for Clear Aligners AND Clear Braces! We want to transform your smile the way you want it to be done!  Dr. Freeman worked hand in hand with Invisalign's top executives to learn how to move teeth with Clear Aligners. He is now highly sought after for his ability to utilize Clear Aligner treatment for some of the most complicated cases, including Hollywood movie stars that can not show they are straightening their teeth. We specialize in Phase 1, Phase 2 (teen), Full Comprehensive (teen and adults), as well as, Surgical Cases. With our Clear Aligner system, we can precisely move teeth to allow your dentist to place implants, veneers, crowns and bonding. All at NO additional fee! For more info, click here.

  • Free Upgrades to Clear Braces — We do not charge more for clear/tooth-colored braces. We are the only practice in South Florida to offer a free upgrade to clear braces. Our patients love our clear braces because they do not stain, they are harder to see than metal braces and you don't have to remember to, "put them in" like with Clear Aligners. For more info, click here.
  • Retainer Replacement Program — Your smile is a lifetime investment and we want to help you protect it.
  • A Smile Guarantee — We are so confident in our work that we guarantee you will love your smile for a lifetime! Please ask us about our Smile for A Lifetime Program.
  • Clear Aligner Provider — We have worked hard to be experts in all aspects of orthodontics. Dr. Freeman is the top 1% in the world in the treatment of orthodontic cases with Clear Aligners.


After much frustration with existing companies not modernizing or allowing the orthodontist themselves to design aligners for their own patients in a way that eliminates many of these short comings, Dr. Freeman took it upon himself to start his own aligner manufacturing company. This allows him to design all of his own Clear Aligners right here in the United States, using materials that he feels are far better than the ones currently offered, providing him better control over the design and manufacturing process. This also allows him to eliminate many of the glued-on attachments and interproximal reduction (shaving of teeth) that is required for tooth movement using the other clear aligner systems. It also allows Dr. Freeman to be more efficient, as almost all other clear aligner systems are manufactured outside of the United States by non-dentists, and are not Board Certified Orthodontists.

Dr. Freeman was also able to eliminate much of the error introduced into the method by other aligner companies foreign technicians, by no longer having the foreign technicians try to interpret what Dr. Freeman wants done in the aligner prescription. Now, Dr. Freeman can simply move teeth exactly how it needs to be done, utilizing his 16 years of being an orthodontic clinician, and the 8,000+ Clear Aligner cases he's done right here in the United States. Dr. Freeman now has the ability to directly move patients teeth utilizing his own computer program, and allowing the patient cases to go right into manufacturing in our Fort Lauderdale, Florida 3D Manufacturing Lab. 

At your first visit you will see there is no comparison between the comfort, clarity and efficiency of Dr. Freeman's Clear Aligners. In fact, his aligners are so well designed and comfortable, he has been asked to and is now selling a Pro version of his aligners directly to dentists to use on their patients around the country. Our Clear Aligners are the ONLY Clear Aligner treatments being done by an actual United States, Board Certified Orthodontist and 100% Made In The USA! 

To learn more, please click here.

  • Flexible Financing — We pride ourselves on being the most affordable orthodontic practice around. Our treatment coordinators will work personally with you to find the best payment arrangement for your needs.

We are so confident that we are the right choice for you, we encourage second and third opinions. We know in the end, when you compare our office to theirs, you will realize there is no comparison; we are “clearly” the right choice for you and your loved ones!

At our office, our goals are simple:

  • Be honest and fair at all times
  • Achieve excellent clinical outcomes
  • Complete treatment in a timely manner

The philosophy of this practice is to provide the highest level of customer service while continually striving to keep up with the latest techniques and innovations, and stressing a quality and friendly approach to orthodontics. Basically, we want to be the premiere orthodontic practice in Southern Florida.

We have a firm commitment to provide you with a warm, caring, and clean practice; one that is truly concerned with the well-being of our patients. We understand and communicate well with each other and our patients. Since our first priority is to you, the patient, we realize that your needs and wants may not be the same as ours.

With this in mind, we will always try to educate our patients as to the best treatment possible. In order to be the best, we must be able to provide the best.


Amongst our team and with our patients, it is imperative that communication be open, honest, and diplomatic. Loyalty in our actions and words is the cornerstone for our success over the 16 years of practicing. Everything that we do must be a “team” approach. In other words, the practice and our patients come before “self.” Anything less is unacceptable.


When you combine our philosophy of outstanding orthodontic care with our mission of complete and total satisfaction, extraordinary things will happen. We transform our patients’ lives and find that we are part of the most satisfying career there ever was — giving you something to smile about!

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