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About Orthodontics

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A smile is the first impression to the rest of the world, and increasing a patient’s confidence in their smile is priceless! Most of the patients we treat arrive at Freeman Orthodontic Specialists with dental problems that have bothered them for years or even decades. With state-of-the-art technology and modern orthodontic techniques, Drs. Freeman, Sheinis, and McCaffrey are able to treat these patients, provide them with beautiful smiles, and drastically increase their confidence.

Treatment at Freeman Orthodontic Specialists

We currently treat patients aged seven to 75! At age seven, children should have an initial consultation with an orthodontist. While most seven-year-olds will NOT need any treatment at that time, the radiographic and clinical exam can help Drs. Freeman, Sheinis, and McCaffrey predict any future challenges. These challenges may be missing teeth, extra teeth, extreme crowding, tooth transposition (teeth that have switched places), and malpositioned jaws. Some problems are best treated at a young age and cannot be treated as effectively at an older age.

On the other side of the age spectrum are those patients in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Some of these patients need limited orthodontics in order to help the dentist do the best possible restorative dentistry or in order to create space for an implant. Other patients simply want to have Invisalign® for that straight beautiful smile they’ve always wanted.

Getting Started with Orthodontics

Freeman Orthodontic Specialists is proud to offer free consultations for anyone who is interested in orthodontic treatment, whether for yourself, your child, your parents, or a friend! At our initial consultation, a member of Team Freeman, Sheinis and McCaffrey will greet you and provide a tour of one of our state-of-the-art offices. You will be shown the Freeman Café where you can have a fresh latte or use the Wi-Fi. You will also be shown our 3D Cone Beam CT machine as well as our 3D intraoral scanners, which allow our practice to be “impressionless” (no more gagging). The team member will then proceed to obtain photos and X-rays of your teeth. Feel free to bring other recent photos or radiographs you may already have in your possession. Dr. Freeman, Dr. Sheinis, or Dr. McCaffrey will discuss your treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

The Cost of Orthodontics

Many dental insurances do have orthodontic coverage and we will gladly contact your insurance company to determine your coverage. Additionally, At Freeman Orthodontic Specialists, we believe that everyone should be able to have a gorgeous smile that they are confident in and that lasts a lifetime. In order to help patients achieve that smile, we offer flexible financing including a low down payment, low monthly payments, pay-in-full discount, or even extending 0% financing past the end of active treatment.

At Freeman Orthodontic Specialists, we truly are state of the art!

  • We have 3D imaging techniques that can allow us to know where all of your teeth are located in three dimensions, even before they have erupted into your mouth.
  • We also utilize 3D scanners for all of our dental models and Invisalign records. These scanners replace the old gooey impressions that can be uncomfortable for children and adults.
  • We also use only digital X-rays in our office, allowing our doctors easy access to your X-rays at every visit to ensure your treatment is progressing appropriately.
  • We use digital technology to create bonding trays that allow us to place your braces on much faster and in a more precise position at the initial bonding appointment. Better bracket precision results in a shorter total time in braces. Ask us more about this at your complimentary consultation as it is truly an incredible process!
  • We are one of the only practices in South Florida to use digital technology to offer a Retainer Warranty Program that will ensure your teeth will stay straight as long as you continue to wear the retainers at night.
  • We offer all patients an aesthetic option of clear braces at no additional charge.

When it comes to your smile, trust an expert!

Both Dr. Freeman and Dr. McCaffrey are Diplomates of the American Board of Orthodontics. All orthodontists go through four years of college, four years of dental school, and two to three years of orthodontic residency where they only specialize in orthodontics. In addition to this, board-certified orthodontists take a written exam, an oral exam, and present cases of successfully treated orthodontic patients to other orthodontist who grade them and certify that they meet the expectations of orthodontic excellence. We strongly recommend that patients choose a board-certified orthodontist.

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